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Our Approach

We maximize our use of strategic thinking to help you develop self-determined learning skills that will serve you well for all your life.
By studying self-determined learning's core concepts and through the development of a personal curriculum, you will be able to take matters into your own hands and learn any discipline for any purpose.
The best thing about Onyx Global is that you can implement the concepts and develop learning independence that will deliver results in any field.

Study Smarter

So how exactly does Onyx help you?


We are bombarded with information in this data-driven age, and it can be challenging to make sense of it all. Our coaching will help you take charge of your own learning process.

  • You will discover how to make the most of online resources to deepen your knowledge about any subject that interests you

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    You will discover how to create a compelling and personalized study plan so that you can learn on your own.

  • You will have access to extensive study material and digital support tools that will help you to start your self-determined learning journey immediately.

The Onyx Method

When you set out on a journey, what are the two most important things you need to have? A destination and a way to reach that destination.
In the world of education, the destination is a deeper understanding and mastery of a particular discipline, and The Onyx Method is your guide.


Facilitated by academic coaches and a support network of content & tools uniquely curated for maximizing Education 3.0 success.


Takes into account each individual's needs, interests, and goals with purpose-built journeys and innovative approaches.


Utilizes learner-centered curriculum design to empower all learners to thrive in the way they best take in new knowledge.


Provides independence when choosing assignments and learning activities to ensure every experience is engaging.

Master the Art of Learning

We revive the ancient approach of personal mastery development that ensures success in any environment.

Quality and Credibility

When it comes to choosing a particular educational provider we ask "How do I know what you teach is right for me?"
Well, here's a look at what sets Onyx apart in terms of quality and credibility:

Innovative Design

Onyx Global content uses the latest learning design principles to provide a coaching experience personalized to every client's needs.

Innovative Delivery

We combine mastery-based learning with world-class tools that enable you to utilize what you learn immediately.

Direct Relevance

Each pathway precisely addresses real-world problems in the world around you, and equips you to solve them with your own capabilities.

Personal Coaching

We co-create your personal learning plan, and provide a network of available support with access to the Onyx learner community.

How Does Onyx Work?

Why Learn the Onyx Way?

The best part of the Onyx way of self-determined learning is that you can implement it on your own in your personal, professional, and academic lives.
We let you learn on your terms and on your schedule. Based on years of research, we have developed a flexible education system where every learner can create their own path.
We know that no two learners are the same. We curate personalized pathways so that you can find the perfect fit for your learning style, schedule, and budget.


Onyx Academic Ensurance™

Each of our coaching pathways leads to an available final assessment for a Master Learner certificate & digital badge to demonstrate your preparation for any 21st Century learning environment, and continues with purpose-built professional projects & lifelong coaching.

Onyx Learner Academy

Engage with Onyx courses and utilize our network of offerings by following our self-directed learning journey. Progress independently through our units in a prescribed sequence one section at a time.

Included Learning Experiences

● Onyx Community Access● Onyx University Campus Access● Onyx Master Learner Certification

Become an Onyx Certified Master Learner

Onyx Black for Learners

Learn how to purposefully progress through your academic and personal studies in order to best accomplish your goals. Develop the habits for wellness that will serve you well throughout your life.

Included Learning Experiences

● Onyx Community Access● Onyx University Campus Access● 100% off Onyx Learner Academy● 1:1 Onyx Black Mobile Coaching

Coming Fall 2021

Onyx Black for Professionals

Strategically develop the knowledge and skills you need to advance your career, develop your talents, pursue your interests, and build a foundation for lifelong personal & professional success.

Included Learning Experiences

● Onyx Community Access● Onyx University Campus Access● 100% off Onyx Learner Academy ● Subject-specific Personal Coaching

Coming 2022

Onyx Black Membership

Each of our Members has access to a personal wellness app to connect with their coach on the go and receive daily educational inspiration & support.

Onyx Black for Learners

Each of our courses has a sequence of supplemental content to keep you on track and provide you with a deeper understanding of the content. Join the Onyx Movement and access all Onyx Learner Academy courses with mobile coaching.

The Onyx Black Membership is available for individual learners, professionals, and coaches for access to our full suite of experiences, resources, and technology tools. Our members have always available access to their coach through in-app messaging, complimentary eBooks, and a learning environment like no other.


The Onyx University Campus

Join Onyx to experience a VR learning & coworking community for your personal development


Why "Onyx" Education?

If Merriam-Webster defines The Ivory Tower as "a secluded place that affords the means of treating practical issues with an impractical often escapist attitude," then The Onyx Tower is a globally relevant and universally accessible place that facilitates progression toward excellence through self-determined interest in practical issues and actionable problems.

Who is Onyx Global for?

Onyx Global is for anyone and everyone who wants to experience lifelong learning and join the global Education 3.0 movement.

What is The Onyx Movement?

Passion for learning, or as Einstein calls it ‘being passionately curious,’ is something we are born with. Once we give up on that passion, that desire to learn, we also give up influence over our own personal growth and development. The Onyx Movement is a worldwide effort to forge the tools necessary for a 21st Century Global Learning Renaissance.

What is The Platinum Standard?

The Platinum Standard of Education is our educational quality benchmark for the modern age that demands a new level of innovation & accessibility for all learners.

What is the Art of Learning?

The Art of Learning is the academic, personal, and professional study of the process of learning, from its fundamental ideas to modern real-world applications.

What is a Master Learner?

An Onyx Master Learner has progressed through our full program and produced their final personal project to demonstrate their learning.