The Phoenix Capital Firm

Onyx Global is Doctor Onyx's industry gnostic investment firm for seeking out and building skybreaking ideas.

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    Onyx Associates

    Onyx Associates is our consulting firm for establishing The Platinum Standard of Education conducting research, publishing insights, and providing advisory services through The Onyx Institute and Alexandria 21.

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    Onyx University

    Onyx University is our decentralized, gamified, holistically designed, always-on, accessible, uncompromisingly elite learning ecosystem for training Onyx Members.

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    Onyx Institute

    Onyx Institute is our globally relevant course production company for independent learning and publicly available courseware.

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    Nuo Digital

    Nuo Digital is our digital creative studio for producing apps, products, services, and insights for thriving in the Digital Age.

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    Nuobility is Doctor Onyx's Mastery brand for restoring Excellence and bringing Nuobility to 21st Century lifestyle and fashion.