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Our Mission

The Onyx Mission is to provide the world's highest quality digital educational experience for university preperation.
If Merriam-Webster defines the Ivory Tower as "a secluded place that affords the means of treating practical issues with an impractical often escapist attitude," then the Onyx Tower is a globally relevant and universally accessible place that facilitates progression toward excellence through self-determined interest in practical issues and actionable problems.
Education as a discipline holds a keystone place in our societal architecture. As its foundations go, so goes the development of our organizational structures, support systems, and channels for growth and development. The current era of digital learning demands that we efficiently and effectively manage the resources available to us. Success in our endeavor to supply foundational support to all students is in sight, if we only reach for the chance. 


Our Vision

Excellence for Everyone

We don’t believe that there is one single path to success. We reinvent the framework with access to online experiences and a wealth of resources. Everyone deserves the opportunity to develop skills and build a life that they love. 

Driven by Experience

Onyx Global captures the quality and credibility of university systems while revolutionizing legacy flaws in the traditional model. Everything that we do is backed by evidence-based, research-driven strategies based on our experiences. 

Opportunities for Growth

It is clear that the world needs a powerful, innovative, student-centric approach supported by networked resources that reimagines what’s possible. We are agile, driven, self-determined, and focused on the future.

Our Principles

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Continuous Learning

Learning needs currently span widely beyond the typical constraints of the classroom, the academic school year, and even the K-12 through university system. Learners have broken out of classifications according to age, location, and a myriad of other demographics, and the current structures that rely upon these distinctions are proving incapable
of satisfactory solutions to the problems.

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Self-Directed Learning

Learners are now required, capable, and demanding to have education that is directly relevant to their lives, not simply forced upon them. Learner goals, pathways, resources, and interests are changing rapidly, and the current academic development and delivery systems are not adequately keeping up. By the time a course is proposed and developed,
approved, analyzed, and solidified into the curriculum of conventional universities, the materials and methodologies often have already become outdated. This does not harmonize well with increased accountability demands for evidentiary benefits of learning.

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Self-Determined Learning

Learners are increasingly becoming aware of their capabilities to self-instruct. The networked nature of today’s educational landscape and information marketplace means that no longer are learners tasked with traversing long intellectual journeys to access mysterious knowledge. Rather, there is an abundance of information, and we are arriving
at a problem of overabundance, misinformation, disinformation, and many other labels for a lack of observable quality and understood standards. These standards and the appropriate implementation of them are increasingly being left to learners, or being taken on by them

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New Learners

The current trends of education have been accelerated due to the events of 2020, and the current institutional frameworks are not adequate to handle the needs for rapid
development, change, and delivery that modern learners demand. Additionally, the new influx of learning needs can not be adequately addressed with current structures that have calcified since the advent of the assembly line.

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Educational Quality

Increased calls for accountability are opportunities to redouble efforts to assure the quality of one’s offering. However, the quality standards for the academic delivery of higher education content have not kept up with the accountability sentiments of the public for such a long time that the current prevailing standards are not adequate to address the problems at hand

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Academic Stewardship

There is a need for a return to stewardship to education as a field. The direct parallels between learning and economic capability are more evident than ever before, and the calls for educational institutions to deliver on their promises of return on investment are not going away. In the way that financial institutions are needing to grasp stewardship as a central tenet for their future operation, the same is true for educational institutions.

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Digital Education

Online education has reached two separate paths of maturity, but conventional educational institutions are not synthesizing them. Academic institutions are consistently working to improve their course content for online delivery, while commercial institutions are consistently working to improve their learning design. Both streams of development are necessary for providing an excellent learning experience.

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Open Knowledge Access

The knowledge access dialectic that has greatly served
publishers and the general research paradigm up until this point is necessarily being resolved. In a time when research papers that go unread are the primary focus of publication for the stewards of the world’s knowledge while textbook costs have skyrocketed to astronomical numbers, the
decentralized nature of digital distribution has the capability of significantly increasing learner access to the world’s knowledge.

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Researcher-Practitioner Divide

The researcher-practitioner divide is being crossed through private industry’s “pivot” toward thought leadership as a marketing practice. This has provided spaces for action researchers, pragmatists, and generally those whose research interests are proactively discouraged within the overarching structures to advance their streams of development in ways previously unavailable.

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Project-Based Assessment

Increased recognition of the usefulness of project-based learning. This is true for all stakeholders, where administrators can utilize a system for displaying their leadership effectiveness, teachers have an effective channel to provide learning and opportunities for their students, and learners receive a tangible evidence of their learning regardless of their institutional circumstances.

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Mastery-Based Structure

Mastery as a concept and its educational components & offshoots are coming back to the fore due to their emphasis on personal achievement, self-reflection, recognizable capability, and independent verification processes. The increasing emphasis on co-ops, apprenticeships, fellowships, and even the breakdown of the tenure system are manifestations of Mastery returning to the conversation.

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Personalized Curricula

Learners are noticing their needs to independently develop their skills outside of conventional educational institutions, and this has led to the observable rapid rise in online course offerings, providers, and organizations. However, these largely do not constitute learning pathways, long term development, or full curricula. Learners will need to know how to develop their own curricula to the standards of a facilitator or curriculum designer in order to ensure they are progressing toward their goals in an effective manner.

Our Values



Onyx Global is committed to providing our learners with not only the best of our educational offerings, but those available to them anywhere. 



Onyx Global is committed to providing our learners with access to the best content, capabilities, and digital opportunities the world has to offer.



Onyx Global is committed to advocating for the success and support of all university students, both in our network and beyond, around the world. 

Our Approach

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Stewards of the Onyx Network

Onyx Global supports individuals on a collective mission to achieve the impossible. 
We seek to make a direct changemaking impact on our learners, our communities, our countries, and the world at large through service, support, and stewardship. 
Our initial initiatives are to train and equip educators to succeed adopting our approach, expand our reach internationally through language learning and college consultancy, and build a global network of associates.

  • In a nutshell, our first focus is a systematic multi-pronged approach to making an educator-led impact on learning in every context we can reach.

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Experiences within the Onyx Network

Onyx houses digital-first learning experiences designed for real-world outcomes. 
We seek to provide opportunities through individual and cohort-based education that are always available and easily accessible through multiple pathways. 
Our secondary initiatives are to train learners in the necessary self-determined learning skills to independently navigate the digital learning landscape, guide them through the journey of higher education, and promote our approach to education.

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    In a nutshell, our second focus is a systematic multi-pronged approach to making an experience-based impact on learning in every context we can reach.

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Innovation for the Onyx Network

Onyx Global pioneers usage of next-generation technologies created for and applied to education. 
We seek to curate processes and journeys that reduce friction through use of the most innovative tools and platforms we can find or develop internally. 
Our tertiary initiatives are focused on creating a virtual environment that is enjoyable, scalable, efficient, and effective at elevating the experience for university students, changemaking educators, and edupreneurs in one location.

  • In a nutshell, our third focus is a systematic multi-pronged approach to making a technology-driven impact on learning in every context we can reach.


How to Get Involved

Help us build future-focused innovation based on new approaches and built on timeless fundamentals.

We want to connect with partners who want to improve the experience of all university learners. 
Interested institutions, supportive stakeholders, and committed companies should contact us to help us fill the gaps and solve the problems brought about by the knowledge-based economy.

Our Network Partners


Virbela brings people together to work, learn, meet, and train in an immersive virtual world – from anywhere. Built to solve the challenges of remote collaboration. 

myQuest Learn is an award-winning online learning platform that’s focused on action-based learning followed by feedback that keeps learners on track.


Olive Group provides practical and modern learning solutions to empower enterprises and edupreneurs, irrespective of sector and scale.

Matrix Insights develops a Leadership Dashboard that delivers personalized insights to enhance leaders’ agility and build high-performing teams.


Octave Incorporations is a digital solution company aimed at advancing digital education and services in Nigeria and Africa at large.

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