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There's an easier way for you to gain new skills.


Learning new skills can be overwhelming, especially doing it alone online.

  • Too many costsNot enough rewards

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    Too many optionsNot enough guidance

  • Too many problemsNot enough solutions

It's Time to Choose Different.

Have you been taught how to be a learner?

The answer is probably no. 
You may have learned how to read more quickly, take effective notes, and manage a schedule.  
These are important, and we'll cover them too, but they only scratch the surface of what it means to be a successful learner. 
Learning with Onyx is a unique experience, so we offer training for all of our students to prepare them to know how to thrive both in and out of the classroom so they can be at their best.


There's a way to optimize your personal growth.


the secrets to successful learning



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an independent learning curriculum

You can learn new skills without wasting time, energy, and resources.

Does this sound like you?

Right now you want to learn new skills without needing to go back to school.
You don't want to pay for learning experiences that don't lead to growth because you got lost along the way.
You feel overwhelmed by too many learning options and the only way to get guidance is with expensive tuition.
You are worried about not completing a new program, falling behind in skills, and wasting your money.

There's an easier way for you to learn new skills with confidence and clarity.

We've developed a system so you can design your own learning journey to gain new skills, change your life, and achieve your dreams.

Go all in on your commitment to a better tomorrow.

You will learn exactly how to...

Design your pathway

    Analyze the learning skills you have now
    Visualize the outcomes you want for yourself
    Harness design thinking to achieve your ideal future

Execute your plan

    View your learning process through systems thinking
    Build your talent stack to achieve targeted goals
    Self-reflect on your best way to move forward

Accelerate your growth

    Understand how to hold yourself accountable
    Use psychology to maintain your progress
    Establish your credibility using skills in the real world

It's like making your own personal university from the world around you.

What You'll Learn

Onyx Learner Academy will work for you especially if...

You never learned how to learn in school.

Master Learners are able to use the skills most people only learn in postgraduate programs or through trial and error.

You don't have a lot of time or money to spend.

Master Learners are able to explore, identify, and decide on affordable educational experiences at any time.

You have been out of school for a long time.

Master Learners are able to harness their human capability to process information and acquire new skills at any age.

Learn new skills so you can stay ahead of the competition or enter a new field.

Hear feedback from Onyx Learners.

Onyx Learning programs are the most thought-provoking and revolutionary projects I have ever come across with. Founded with the vision of making learning — authentic and life-relevant, Onyx is one of the very few platforms in the world that wishes to bring out the true meaning of knowledge. I am glad to join Onyx and explore its unique teaching methodologies designed to provide learners a whole different and practical way of achieving personal mastery in life.


Onyx was the turning point of my learning journey. Since I took this course, I have become more well-organized and targeted in my learning. It not only enabled me to gain practical and efficient learning habits and methods that show significant results in a short time, but also motivated an guided me to start planning my lifelong personal learning system.


I wish Onyx existed when I was a student! It made me realize how digital learning can bring so much value to the education system not just in our country (Philippines), but the entire world! I still can't believe how affordable this is with all the knowledge you get to access. I highly recommend this to students, teachers, parents, to everyone!


From selecting what to learn, how to start learning, to customizing your curriculum, and synthesizing everything you have learned, this course taught me it all. I was able to refine my old study strategies and tactics with the help of Onyx and CK. I am now confidently teaching myself French during summer vacation.


Will this work for you?

Career Changers

Changing professional fields requires learning new things while you expand on what you already know.

Ambitious Upskillers

Reaching the next level of your career requires elevating what you know and what you can do.

New Entrepreneurs

Starting a new endeavor requires being open to change and flexible enough to do what's necessary.

New Students

Starting a new journey requires the courage and capability to execute on your best path forward.

Recent Graduates

Entering the professional world requires learning how things really work and what you really need to know.

Don't waste time. Don't waste money.Take control of your learning journey.

Every moment that you spend on personal development will pay off in infinite ways.
The first component of personal mastery is becoming a Master Learner who is confident approaching any knowledge domain available to you, and the digital world has made it so all domains of knowledge are at our fingertips.

It's time to decide.

Choice #1

Pay for an expensive new degree or course without the mindset you need to succeed and thrive.

Choice #2

Design your own curriculum and execute it to success to thrive along your journey on your own terms.

Preview the 5 Onyx Learner Academy Levels.



Assess where you want to go.

You'll understand what self-determined independent lifelong learning means to you and identify your specific learning goals for your first personal curriculum.



Plan how to get there.

You'll design and map out your best pathway towards achieving your specific goals in a way that is efficient, effective, and best suited to your individual lifestyle.



Find the resources you need.

You'll examine your current environment, positioning, and practices as a learner and take specific steps to improve them so you can get excellent results out of your efforts day after day.



Do the work.

You'll ensure your journey will be engaging while successfully achieving your outcomes in a way that is accountable and credible to both yourself and necessary stakeholders in your life.



Make it stick.

You'll apply the best education principles to everything in your personal curriculum so you can feel prepared, be positioned for growth, and thrive as you keep progressing well into the future.

If you feel like...

You can't afford to learnYou were not very good in schoolYou need to keep up with changes in your industry

Onyx Learner Academy includes $150 worth of bonuses that are perfect for you.

Lifetime Membership to Onyx Global

$100 Value

Become a Jet Level Member of the Onyx Global Education 3.0 innovation community.

30-Day Lifelong Learner Journal

$30 Value

Organize your progress for growth every month and enjoy the journey while you reflect along the way.

Personal Curriculum Digital Template

$10 Value

Model your learning journey on what we cover in the course so you can execute the process again and again.

Connectivist Cost Cutting Guide

$10 Value

Learn my exact process for applying next-generation learning methodology to independent learning.

Created by the Originator of Onyx


My name is Chris, but my friends call me CK, and I'm here to help you.

  • Become an effective self-determined learner

  • Explore unique educational opportunities

  • Navigate the world of digital learning

  • Organize

    Channel your efforts toward success

You'll be amazed by how being a confident learner will improve your life.

Let me tell you my story.

I struggled my first time through college. So much so that I failed out.
I was lost and didn't know how to make the next steps in my life.
I eventually found my footing by enrolling at a college that let me design my own major for my Bachelor's degree with the help of professors, and that experience changed my life.
I knew with the right combination of mindset, resources, and guidance, I could thrive. 
Next was finding and completing a Master's degree program that I could complete while I was working, and I am currently completing a Doctorate that is the same.
I had to research and go through a lot of trial and error to find my way.
I learned how to be my own learning guide through higher education, and transferred that knowledge to keep growing outside the classroom.
Over the years independent learning has become my passion as well as my profession. 
Onyx Learner Academy is built based on the best experiences I've gained throughout my learning journey, refined through the knowledge gained through my Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degree programs in Education.
The Master Learner Mindset and Master Learner Method are your tickets to the mindset, resources, and guidance you need to thrive in the exciting world of lifelong learning.

Is Onyx Learner Academy for You?


Making careermoves?

Gain unique skills that employers value without taking time away from doing the things you love.


New college student?

Prepare to do better in school while learning subjects that are often ignored in modern degree programs.


Plans on pause?

Stop losing time and get your mind engaged with new skills that you weren't taught in school.


Love to learn?

Being an efficient and effective lifelong learner leads to higher levels of happiness from work to home.

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