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What Does the Onyx Education App Help With?

Starting a lifelong learning journey requires self-discipline and commitment. Along with the Onyx University online campus, the Onyx app content will help you stay accountable on your learning path.

You will receive activities, resources, and mini-lessons daily to keep you on track with your educational goals. We start off with a 2-week course that introduces you to the core learning concepts you need to know as a learner. These concepts will help shape you into the successful lifelong learner you want to be.

Getting Started is Easy

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    Join Onyx

    Onyx Education is a part of the Onyx Network. When you join Onyx, you will have access to our mobile app, VR campus, and coaching offerings.

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    Purchase Onyx Education

    Click the "Purchase Onyx Education" button in your new member portal to pay online safely & securely.

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    Start Learning

    Receive your invitation to download the mobile app, enter your access code, and relax while we deliver your content.


Become an Onyx Learner

If you’re ready to enhance your lifelong learning experience with a unique personal development program, download the Onyx Education mobile app.

Do you want to become an efficient and effective independent learner? It only takes 14 days for you to start on a new path toward a brighter future.