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About Onyx Membership

Onyx Global is an ideal destination for those who wish to innovate and tackle the most pressing issues in education. 
Our platform offers a host of easy-to-use resources that enable you to expand your professional network by forming communities, collaborating on projects, and even monetizing your work through e-commerce and subscriptions. 
By becoming a member of Onyx Global, you will be joining a community of forward-thinking individuals who are dedicated to making the world a better place by addressing the Onyx Global Learning Goals. 
Don't miss out on this opportunity to make a real impact in the field of education, join us today and take the first step towards creating cutting-edge solutions.


Overview of Our Membership Levels


Entry Level Membership

    Connection with Innovators

    Community Building Platform
    Access Learning Goal Courses


Full Onyx Membership

    Free Tickets to Virtual Summits
    Free Professional Development
    Access Onyx Institute Training


Creator Onyx Membership

    Only a 10% Platform Fee
    Free Goal Alignment Review
    Sell to Other Onyx Members

Membership is the First Step to Working with Onyx Education

As an educator, Onyx Global is a great opportunity for you to take the first step in working with Onyx Education, the company behind the Onyx Global Learning Goals. 
As an Onyx Member, you will have access to training to become an Onyx Certified Academic Engineer℠. This certification is a requirement for those who want to work with Onyx Education and be part of the team. 
Joining Onyx Global is a great way for you to improve your skills, gain valuable experience, and make a positive impact on education.

Take Part in Engaging Learning Experiences


Self-Paced Courses

Learn about each of the 15 Onyx Global Learning Goals on your own through microlearning, reflection, research, and new technologies.


Live Virtual Summits

Attend engaging live virtual summits on Education 3.0 innovation from Onyx Education, our partners, and experts in next-generation learning.


Professional Training

Become an Academic Engineer℠ Certified by Onyx with cohort-based courses and online workshops exclusively for full Onyx Members.

Join a Community Uniquely for Education 3.0 Innovation

Joining the Onyx Global community is a fantastic way for you to connect with other education innovators and form learning communities. 
You'll be able to collaborate with like-minded educators to achieve the Onyx Global Learning Goals by forming project groups, sharing ideas, and working together to improve the education system. 
 Sign up today to stay on top of the latest education trends and best practices while making a real difference in the future of Education 3.0 with educators who are dedicated to shaping the future of education.

Membership Pricing



Lifetime Access

Affirm your commitment to Education 3.0 by joining the Onyx Global community platform and access the 15 self-paced Learning Goal courses



Per Year

Become a full member of Onyx Global to join live Learning Goal project groups, virtual summits, and professional development at Onyx Institute



 Platform Fee

Apply to sell your digital resources, products, and services that specifically help learning innovators create the world of Education 3.0

Our Platform Features for Community Building





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Edupreneur Packages


Onyx Learner Academy Franchise

Provide an active learning experience in a platform more engaging than traditional Learning Management Systems or online training platforms. 
We'll give you everything you need to create interactive content, add gamification, and increase personalization to make your learning experiences more engaging and effective. 
You'll get targeted tracking and analytics for you to monitor student progress, measure results, and identify areas for improvement. 
Receive marketing tools, business tools, 1:1 training, and more. It's your all-in-one path to financial freedom.

Build Your Own Teaching Business

Access our most comprehensive Learning Management System to create, manage, and deliver the best online courses. 
The platform includes powerful content tools, internal communication, and a range of assessment types to enhance the learning experience. 
Get advanced analytics and downloadable reports to track student progress, Increase learner engagement, and drive success in a fully-brandable environment.
Launch your own education business powered by Onyx.


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