Stop TransitioningIt's Time to Make Your Edxit

Think like an Academic Engineer and unlock the easier way for you to change your life for the better.


confident in making your move to edxit.


your portfolio and network of opportunities.


a new stage of fulfillment in your life's journey.

For teachers who want to confidently leave the system and find a new path they love.

Does this sound like you?

Right now you want to transition out of the classroom without overwhelm.
You're feeling overwhelmed, lost, and confused when making the decision to leave the traditional education system.
You're feeling unsure of what to do, feeling undervalued at work and by society, and struggling with money.
You're tired of thinking and talking about leaving the school system, but not taking the action of doing it.

Go all in on your commitment to a better tomorrow.

There's an easier way to leverage your experience, skills, and expertise to make your edxit. 

You will learn exactly how to set up a digital learning business, create your portfolio to expand opportunities.

Elements of Academic Engineering℠ will work for you especially if...

You don't want to leave the world of education but want to leave the classroom.

You struggle to identify opportunities outside of the classroom on your own.

You don't have experience working outside education or running a business.

It's time for you to decide.

Choice #1

Remain stuck thinking about leaving the classroom without taking the first step.

Choice #2

Change your mindset from focusing on where you're leaving to where you're going.

Don't remain in a career where you feel unappreciated, underpaid, and pessimistic about your future.

Leave the classroom to start your own educational business, become an instructional designer, or explore cutting edge technologies to work on your own passion projects. 
With Onyx Global you can sell courses, products, and services, enter the private sector, or work on the most innovative learning missions.

Elements of Academic Engineering℠ includes over $400 worth of bonuses that are perfect for you.

Jet Membership to Onyx Global

$100 Value

Become a Jet Level Member of the Onyx Global Education 3.0 innovation community.

30-Day Edxit Mindset Journal

$30 Value

Organize your progress and enjoy your journey while you reflect along the way.

Portfolio Optimization Platform

$50 Value

Create a stand out digital resume and project portfolio with 3 months of free platform access.

Edupreneurship Launchpad

$250 Value

Learn Onyx's processes for deploying online courses, digital products, and other opportunities for earning income.

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