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About Onyx

We provide personal, professional, and academic development services for the global learning community.

Our emphasis on stewardship, innovation, and pioneering universally accessible learning experiences drives everything that we do and provide.
Join us and meet the challenges of the 21st Century with the world's premier academic partner, products, and services.


The Onyx Academic Pathway

A systematic progression through Mastery of the Art of Learning.

Onyx Master Learner

Learn the Art of Learning, develop your study skills with The Onyx Study System, and join the Onyx Education 3.0 Movement.

Onyx Academy

Learn the academic excellence, college readiness, and digital capability skills necessary to thrive in any learning environment.

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Onyx League

Learn professional excellence, personal management, and strategic development skills for long term success.

Onyx Salon

Learn the foundational coaching and facilitation skills you need to provide quality personal, professional, and academic stewardship.

Join The Movement


  • Who is Onyx for?

    Onyx is for anyone, anywhere. We provide academic offerings for families, students, professionals, organizations, and more - and if we do not provide it then we will research and recommend a series of providers who we believe can meet your needs.

  • What is an O.A.S.I.S.?

    An Oasis is many things depending on its usage, but to us, it is a place of rest. We provide Onyx University as a learning oasis to our members where they know they are receiving the best possible learning opportunities we can provide, and their personal journeys can proceed regardless of location or circumstance.

    O.A.S.I.S. the acronym stands for:

    Observation, Action, Scholarship, Immersion, and Stewardship- which are the components of Onyx Global's design and construction.

    Opportunity, Architecture, Scaffolding, Information, and Systems - which are the steps to our course construction and teaching methodology.

  • How much does Onyx cost?

    Become an Onyx Master Learner for $100 and enjoy your first free year of Onyx Membership, then our paid plans start at $10/m after that.
    Onyx Master Learners are always welcome to connect with us at the Onyx University campus for community, collaboration, events, and more for free.

  • Who makes the experiences?

    Onyx Global's experiences are entirely curated by Doctor Onyx:
    Ed.D - Educational Policy, Organization, and Leadership (completion est. Spring 2021)
    M.Ed - Teaching English Learners
    B.A - Teaching English as a Foreign Language
    Microsoft Certified Educator & Trainer
    Certified American College Admissions Counselor
    Cambridge English IELTS Certified Teacher

  • How can I get involved?

    Please join Onyx and connect with Onyx Corps for information about employment, ambassador, affiliate, partnership, and other opportunities.

  • What's on the way?

    We are currently finishing foundational development of the first offerings from Doctor Onyx, Onyx Global, Onyx Education, and Nuo Digital.
    Each of these three companies are separate entities, pursuing development and progress goals. If you would like to get involved, please join Onyx Black and reach out to Doctor Onyx.
    We welcome partnership proposals for peer review and collaboration, however, we are focused on internal development at this time.