College Prep Year

Your path to optimal university success starts with us.


We are bombarded with information in this data-driven age, and it can be challenging to make sense of it all. Onyx Learner Academy will help you take charge of your learning process.

  • You will learn the systems you need to make the most of online resources to deepen your knowledge about any subject.

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    You will design, create, and implement a compelling and personalized study plan so that you can learn confidently for life.

  • You will have access to a digital community with a suite of support tools and a library of resources for your entire learning journey.

About the Onyx Learner Academy

What you'll learn

    How to confidently learn skills
    How to lead in and out of school
    How to effectively communicate

What you'll do

    Make a personal curriculum
    Make a lifelong learning habit
    Make a difference in your world

How you'll do it

    Progress through 1 exciting year
    Progress through 4 vital themes
    Progress through 10 course units

What You'll Learn


Learning Should be an Adventure

Onyx is devoted to the lifelong pursuit of learning. Our founding values are Awareness, Access, and Advocacy—and we believe every learner can thrive on their unique path.
We provide the best available tools, resources, experiences, and outcomes for our learners by constantly staying up to date with the forefront of educational research. We instill our knowledge into every step of your journey, supporting and guiding you toward your goals.

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A Place of Engaging Personal Growth

The best part of the Onyx way of self-determined learning is that you can implement it on your own in your personal, professional, and academic lives.
We let you learn on your terms and for your best outcomes. We have developed a flexible education system based on years of research where every learner can create their own path.

  • You will grow along with a support network and the ability to promote content & tools uniquely curated for maximizing Education 3.0 success.

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Achieve Your Goals with Our Guidance

We are bombarded with information in this data-driven age, and it can be challenging to make sense of it all. We will help you take charge of your own learning process.
At the start of the program we meet with you to create a compelling and personalized study plan by making the most of online resources to deepen your knowledge about any subject that interests you beyond the courses required for the Academy.

  • You select precisely which new skills to learn, structure your learning, and grow your talents while we teach you what you need for lifelong development.

Is Onyx Learner Academy for You?


Plans on pause?

Make sure this is not a year of lost time and keep your mind engaged with new skills that you weren't taught in high school.


On a gap-year?

Gain unique skills that both schools and employers value without taking time away from doing the things you love.


New student?

Add depth and breadth to your learning with subjects that are often ignored in modern degree programs.


Love to learn?

Being an efficient and effective lifelong learner leads to higher levels of happiness from work to home.

The Onyx Learner Academy Curriculum

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    Self-Determined Personal Learning

    You'll develop your independent learning skills by designing, developing, and deploying your personal curriculum according to your interests in any area you choose like entrepreneurship, wellness, academics, and more. 
    Designed to help you execute your first personal learning journey.
    You'll spend the first quarter deploying your self-determined learning skills.

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    Communicative Public Speaking

    You'll develop your public speaking skills so you can have the confidence to deliver impressive presentations, clearly express yourself, collaborate with teammates, and share your ideas.
    Designed to help you thrive in the classroom, boardroom, and beyond.
    You'll spend the second quarter improving your communication skills.

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    Changemaking Personal Leadership

    You'll become a dedicated changemaker by learning our signature approaches to action-oriented reflection, repeatable innovation, and collaborative co-creation while developing your leadership skills.
    Designed to activate and expand your impact on the world around you.
    You'll spend the third quarter learning how to lead as a changemaker.

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    Learner Academy Capstone

    You'll use the knowledge you've gained throughout the year to work in a group addressing one of the world's most pressing issues by analyzing the problem, designing a solution, and starting to make it happen. 
    Designed to demonstrate your learning through your yearlong journey.
    You'll spend the fourth quarter researching and developing your solution.

Want to learn more about our approach?

Access our guide to self-determined mastery-based learning.