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"The world is changing and education needs to change with it."

CK - Onyx Originator

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We're embracing spatial web technologies from blockchain to extended reality and beyond. The Onyx Global community will support unique opportunities for edupreneurship and learning innovation with our members at the center of it all. 
Access a variety of tools including a community-building network, learning management and digital coaching systems, online resources, professional training, and monetization opportunities, all in one place. 
Don't miss out on this opportunity to make a real impact on the future of education by having a deciding voice in the way Onyx Global's development takes shape.


We're a Movement for Global Learning Innovation

Onyx Global is your place to achieve your goals while making a positive impact on the most pressing issues in education. 
Our platform offers a host of easy-to-use resources that enable you to expand your professional network by forming communities, collaborating on projects, and even monetizing your work through e-commerce and subscriptions. 
By becoming a member of Onyx Global, you will be joining a community of forward-thinking individuals who are dedicated to making the world a better place by addressing the Onyx Global Learning Goals. 

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Website and Products

Set up a website for your portfolio, business, store, or any other purpose with our builder's convenient templates and easy-to-use eCommerce features.

    Design with your own branding and content
    Use your domain or 
    Get ideas, advice, and specialist done-for-you services 
$100/yearfor Onyx Members, $250 for Jet Members

Bookings and Services

Provide your educational services with a beautiful sales/biolink page and powerful administrative features to start and grow a personal business.

    Get set up and selling in under 30 minutes
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for Onyx Members, $50 for Jet Members

Web3 Creation

Create blockchain assets from any educational resource or experience and list them at our Web3 Shop as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with ease.

Be at the forefront of leveraging Web3 responsibly to improve education with our online Member training modules, discussion salons, and community projects.

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Grow Your Own Learning Business

Deploy your own comprehensive Learning Management System to create, manage, and deliver the best online courses and cohort-based learning experiences. 
We'll give you everything you need to create interactive content, add gamification, and increase personalization to make your learning experiences engaging and effective.
Get advanced analytics and downloadable reports to track student progress, Increase learner engagement, and drive success in a fully-brandable environment.
Access marketing and business tools for building your path to financial freedom with our all-in-one system.


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Bring Onyx to your community, audience, or region and help build our network of colleges, institutes, academies, experiences, creators, specialists, and influencers. 
Access our powerful suite of content tools, communication platforms, and expanding academic network to provide the best learning experience. 
Get personalized orientation, guidance, and resources to support your short and long term success under advantageous agreement terms.
Launch your own teaching, training, or other learning business powered by Onyx.


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Onyx Education is a visionary network dedicated to the future of learning. 
● Onyx Global is where educational innovators connect and collaborate to improve education. ● Onyx Institute is where educators gain the skills and knowledge necessary to drive education forward. ● Onyx University is where learners achieve their academic goals through cutting-edge programs.
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