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Onyx Global is the place for learning innovators who want to create innovative solutions to Education's biggest problems.
Our platform offers a variety of user-friendly tools to connect with peers and extend your online network by building communities, working on projects, and monetizing your work through ecommerce and subscriptions. 
Join us today and get involved with making the world a better place by solving the Onyx Global Learning Goals.

The Onyx Global Learning Goals

Authentic Assessments

Assessments that reflect real-world tasks and contexts.


Contextual Responsiveness

Experiences that address the specific needs of learners.

Cultural Relevance

Curriculum that reflects the diverse population of learners.

Hardware Distribution

Providing students with the tools they need to succeed.

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI to enhance instruction and support learner success.

Extended Reality

Creating immersive experiences with Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Autodidactic Growth

Encouraging self-directed learning and personal growth.

Cognitive Apprenticeship

Learning through mentorship and hands-on experience.

Connected Collaboration

Bringing learners together with digital networks.

Action Research

Pragmatic research to inform and improve educational practice.

Rapid Deployment

Quickly implementing new technologies in the classroom.

Sustainable Development

Creating responsible and replicable education systems.

Homeschooling & Unschooling

Empowering students through alternative forms of education.

Accessibility & Affordability

Making education for all regardless of external factors.

Purpose & Dignity

Serving the greater good and betterment of all stakeholders.

The Old Way vs. The Onyx Way

Learning was disconnected from life

Learning was restricted to formal education institutions and pre-defined environments

Learning is embedded in life

Learning can happen anywhere and at any time, through the power of technology and networks

Digital resources were secondary

Technology was used as an add-on to traditional teaching methods

Digital resources are central

Technology is integrated into instruction to enhance and personalize learning

Learners were forced down pathways

Education was based on a fixed curriculum and predefined learning outcomes

Learners lead their personal journeys

Education is a dynamic and adaptive experience that evolves with learners' needs and interests

Education systems were calcified

Legacy problems had been around for decades with little progress being made.

Education systems are flexible

New innovations are tried, tested, and implemented at the speed of other industries.

Lifelong learning was an option

Learning was a privilege of certain people, in certain places, with a certain amount of money.

Lifelong learning is a necessity

Learning is a vital component of society for all and is not dependent on donations or goodwill to survive.

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Onyx Global is Built for Academic Engineering℠


Academic Engineering aims to innovate education with world-leading and futuristic solutions to the problems that education currently faces. 
Education has long been an area of society with clearly identifiable problems that have unfortunately gone unsolved and short-lived solutions that have gone unsupported.

We believe it is important to ensure that solutions can and should be implemented in a sustainable manner.

We aim to provide a place where new technologies and methods used in education are designed for all while also ensuring that any new solutions do not cause more harm than good, leave people behind, or create too many new problems

Academic Excellence and Academic Ensurance℠

Academic Excellence and Academic Ensurance are two interrelated and complementary approaches to improving education. 
Academic Excellence focuses on developing and implementing innovative and effective solutions to improve education, such as new teaching methods, technology-based learning, and data-driven instruction. 
Academic Ensurance, on the other hand, focuses on ensuring that these solutions are implemented in an ethical, inclusive, and equitable way, without causing more harm, leaving people behind, or creating too many new problems.
Together, Academic Ensurance and Academic Excellence provide an effective and holistic approach to improving education. For example, Academic Excellence helps develop innovative and effective personalized adaptive learning systems, while Academic Ensurance ensures that these systems are implemented in a way that does not discriminate against certain groups of students. 
Similarly, Academic Excellence helps develop virtual and augmented reality classrooms, while Academic Ensurance ensures that these classrooms are accessible to all students and do not create new digital divides.
Onyx Global is a community curated by Onyx Education, Inc. devoted to providing a place for Academic Engineering through the approaches of Academic Excellence and Academic Ensurance.


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