About Onyx Global

Academic Ensurance℠ for college success.

What Do We Stand For?

The future is accessible, globally focused, networked, and individually personalized.
It is no longer enough for world-class learning to exist solely on college campuses and in corporate research institutes.
We stand for young people to progress and develop their talents to the best of their ability, and share their stories with the world.

The World is Changing, but Learning is Here to Stay


The entire world is changing on a massive scale, especially the world of education. 
Learning is one of the most liberating and successful approaches to education, leading to self-reliance and real-world skills through independence and personal accountability.
Education is a very complex journey, with learners realizing that today you can choose and mold your own unique path to making your way and making a change if you know how to do it. 
But the chances are, you need to learn a few more skills before changing the world. You may not even know where to start. We'll help you learn the skills that lead to all others at Onyx. 
You'll learn how to learn independently, efficiently, and effectively - for life. If you've ever been curious about how learning can help you beyond traditional classes, this is the program for you.

About Onyx's Origins

CK started Onyx because he saw firsthand the limits of current approaches as a learner and an educator. 

Being deeply immersed in the rigorous environment of higher education by teaching for five years and over ten years of studying to earn multiple degrees taught CK that we need significant changes to the lifelong learning journey.
What he saw was a system stuck in the past and not designed for the 21st Century world. Onyx is designed to solve this problem by partnering the credibility and rigor of modern universities with industry's technology and society's creativity.
Onyx Global is a place where university learners can come to get the skills they need to succeed through evidence-based practices, innovative technology, and research-driven techniques.


Our Uniquely Multi-Modal Approach


We deliver conventional courses on core subjects through cohorts, digital learning communities, and convenient class sizes.

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We provide facilitated learning journeys in leadership, changemaking, and public speaking with consistent support and personalized guidance.


We guide all learners through self-determined opportunities for autonomous growth that are tailored to each learner's motivations for targeted outcomes.

Foundations of Onyx Learning


Innovative Technology

We leverage new technologies to engage, enable, and empower their learners in new ways.


Lifechanging Outcomes

We emphasize lifelong learning and help their learners take ownership of their journeys.


Practical Experiences

We provide experiences that result in hands-on practice of the skills their learners gain. 


Online Community

We think globally and locally by fostering connections with community-centered practices.

"Learning should be a journey, an adventure, a joy to last a lifetime. It's time for you to take control of your path and build a brighter future for yourself.

Onyx Global is a community for lifelong learners to get together and grow together. Start with our Self-Determined Learning Quest and continue on to learn with new friends with Onyx Learner Academy."

- CK, Onyx's Originator

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