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Thrive through 21st Century education and join the Education 3.0 personalized learning and development movement with the Onyx Global network.


Your Gateway to Education 3.0

Welcome to the Onyx Global Education 3.0 Network.

We are building a global community of lifelong learners, world-class coaches utilizing pioneering technologies, and innovative experiences personally curated for every learner.
This is a new era for education, and we are leading the charge every day to provide you with access to excellence.

Networked Learning

Our learning experiences form a network of opportunities for learners of all ages.

Personalized Design

Each experience is personally tailored to you to meet your goals and needs.

World-Class Coaching

We maximize our use of the most recent innovations in learning and service technology.

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Evergreen Enrollment

Your learning experience is accessible at any time and progresses at your pace.

A Personal Learning Ecoystem

The Onyx Suite is the first lifelong learning ecosystem designed utilizing the best academia and professional training have to offer.

We provide you with the tools you need to thrive while navigating the 21st Century global currents personally, professionally, and academically.
You will experience the depth of knowledge and learning of formal university classes through the systematic methodologies of professional training in an uncompromisingly efficient, effective, enjoyable, environment of excellence.


Onyx Membership

Member Mobile App

Connect with the Onyx network with our free mobile app and access our courses, subscriptions, ebooks & insights, bootcamps, products, and services.

Learner Academy

Our self-paced learner academy teaches you the Art of Learning and ensures you are prepared for any Education 3.0 learning environment.

Personal Capability Suites

Onyx Membership provides you with software, resources, and services curated to your personal, professional, and academic needs. 

Digital Coworking Space

Onyx University is your new space for coworking, learning, community, events, and more. Onyx's offices, development league, and class reside here as well.

University Platform

We provide our courseware and content through a spectrum of delivery methods that you can access according to your personal learning preferences and goals. 

Development League

Join a team at Onyx League to earn points & prizes while working on team projects that train you for college success and personal wellness.

Individualized Support

You are never alone on your learning journey with Onyx as your partner. From research and tutoring to resources and technology, we've got your back.

Personalized Coaching

Our academic programs are personalized to you and your goals. You will never be asked to learn something to solely fulfill our administrative requirements.

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Evergreen Enrollment

Your access to our self-directed courseware does not expire, and all course materials are available for free download and access at our library, Alexandria 21.

Onyx University Digital Campus

All-in-one Membership for Lifelong Learning

Join the world's first Education 3.0 ecosystem and experience our networked learning experiences, for your own purposes and at your own pace.

What is Education 3.0?

  • Multiple Channels

    Learn through audio, video, text, coaching, courses, community, and collaboration at your convenience.

  • Research & Insights

    Access our knowledge networks and repositories for your personal, professional, and academic needs.

  • Affordable & Accessible

    Globally priced education for all people that is truly priced for personal lifelong learning, and not adding to your debt load.

  • Always Available Academics

    Once you start your Onyx journey, you will always have a partner devoted to your personal growth available at all times.

Join the Movement

Join the Onyx Movement and start your Onyx lifelong learning journey with the Onyx Global app and Onyx Learner Academy.