The Mission: Supercharge Your Online Education

Welcome to Your Source for Personal Growth

In a rapidly changing world, the future of online education lies in the hands of each and every person who wants it. With Onyx, educational freedom has been granted to you, the individual, and Onyx can help guide you along your path every step of the way.

Innovative Network

From our VR campus to your phone, Onyx is a new kind of learning network.

Lifelong Learning

Learn at your convenience with Onyx interactive courseware.

Accessible & Affordable

Our courses are priced for today's digital learners, leading to new opportunities without adding to your debt load.

Advisors Always Available

Once you join Onyx, you have an educational mentor and partner devoted to your personal growth - ready to help along the way.

Online Education Should be an Adventure,Not a Struggle

Onyx is an organization devoted to the pursuit of learning. Our founding values are Awareness, Access, and Advocacy—and we believe every learner can thrive on their unique paths.
We strive to provide the best available tools, resources, experiences, and outcomes for our members by constantly staying up to date with the forefront of educational research. We instill our knowledge into every step of your journey, supporting and guiding you toward your goals.


The Onyx Advantage for Lifelong Learners

At Onyx, you control the course of your educational journey.We provide the tools and resources you need to succeed and reach your goals.

Learn What You Want to Learn

Whatever your interests may be, whatever learning path you wish to walk down, Onyx gives you free rein to choose your own curriculum. Everyone is different, so a formal, one-size-fits-all educational system does not, in fact, fit most people.
If you are able to pursue your own fields of interest in your own way, the passion for lifelong learning grows within you. It’s up to you to take charge of your learning future.

Learn When You Want to Learn

For many people, engaging in learning and education is, at best, inconvenient. There never seems to be any time for education, and those who are interested end up feeling put off by the whole idea.

With Onyx, you are granted the freedom to pursue learning on your own time, around your own schedule. There’s no need to fit into our schedule—we fit into yours.


Learn How You Want to Learn

Through Onyx training methods, you will master modern—as well as timeless—techniques, tools, and methods that suit your individual style of learning.
Not everyone learns in the same ways, and Onyx will help you discover these unique ways in which you effectively absorb knowledge so you can succeed in online education.

Don't Just Survive 21st Century Education...Thrive with Onyx

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    Make learning a lifelong practice that seamlessly integrates into your everyday life. Optimize your learning experience with Onyx.

  • Approach any learning domain with the confidence to set your highest goals and achieve them through online education.

  • Expand your knowledge base any time you want with the world’s best academic technology and resources with a community of lifelong learners.

  • Become a lifelong learner with a focused methodology that is rooted in timeless techniques and develops your digital learning capabilities.