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Welcome to Onyx Global

The World's Education 3.0 Innovation Community

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Join Onyx Global for digital learning innovation and collaboration with the Onyx Education network.

Innovative Technology

First-class technology for mobile & desktop

    Mobile content cards, metrics, and coaching
    Engaging mobile to desktop courseware
    VR coworking & collaboration campus

Community of Practice

Work with Education 3.0 innovation pioneers

    Personal coaching support from Onyx Corps
    Supplementary content creation available
    Guidance and training for all technology

Unique Content

Immersion & engagement like no other

    Modular content for a wide variety use cases
    A methodology founded & developed by Onyx
    A library of resources available from day one

The Onyx University Virtual Reality Campus

Card-based Mobile Coaching

Do you want a more engaging way to share your content than sending emails?Today's coaching needs to be mobile-first to reach learners accustomed to accessing content on the go.With Onyx, you can send easily digestible content cards and communicate through text right from our mobile app.

Easy Progress Tracking & Analytics

Are you looking for a way to keep learners accountable and help them visualize their progress?Providing your learners with clear evidence of their improvement is an invaluable tool for their transformation.Create for any behavior you want to measure so learners can automatically see how they're doing anytime they want to.

Collaborative Training and Pre-Made Learning Pathways

Are you overwhelmed by trying to keep all of your content and learner information organized with PDFs and spreadsheets?It's time to optimize your coaching practice and bring your learners a digital-first experience that streamlines every step of their journey.All Onyx coaches have access to our team's world-class coaching management system, pre-filled with curated templates and resources.

Coaching Platform and Academic Engineer Training

The coaching landscape is growing every day as people seek growth outside the classroom.The knowledge-based economy and hyperconnected world of today means that we need new approaches to lifelong development.Onyx Global is the exclusive network for coaching with the Onyx Education system and joining Onyx University's coaching & learning community.

The Onyx Advantage

Diversified Content Delivery

Provide your content through a cutting-edge mobile coaching app, world-class collaborative training management system, and unique collaboration environment.

Elevated Coaching Experience

Differentiate your offering with a coaching experience that is elegantly created through a network of technologies developed & designed for both form and function.

Pioneering Content Production

Onyx coaches utilize our system of Education 3.0 technologies to provide transformational experiences like no other with individualized training & support for every learner.

  • How will Onyx help my learners?

    Your learners will be able to connect with your content in a whole new way through convenient, engaging, enjoyably designed tools from their phones, in virtual reality, and more. They will also experience a new level of support, rich academic & professional development content, and personal wellness metrics systems for successful habit-forming practices.

  • How will Onyx help me?

    You will instantly expand your offerings through Onyx-provided lifelong learning content & tools, access to a network of support & technologies, an innovative platform to provide your own products & services, and world-class content curation guidance & assistance.

  • How can I join?

    You can join Onyx by training through our Apprenticeship program, by partnering with us through Association for established coaches, by working with us as a Specialist, or by becoming an Onyx Ambassador and promoting Onyx Education 3.0 through your network to the global community.

Features of the Onyx Network


Mobile-first Coaching, Health & Wellness Metrics, and Content Card Creation Platform

Elevate your offerings to a whole new level with the Onyx Black mobile coaching platform. You will have access to a content creation platform to design visually striking and engaging cards to deliver your knowledge to your learners, provide reflective and habit-forming metrics, and data sync capabilities with their health & wellness trackers.


Collaborative Course Creation & Learning Pathway Management System

You'll join the Onyx Institute platform for collaboration and group course creation. You can collaborate with subject matter experts with ease and utilize pre-made learning journeys leading to industry-recognized credentials with the entire Onyx Network for your support and success.


Pre-Developed Personal Development Resources & Personalized 1:1 Coaching System  

Connect with your learners on an individual basis in coordination with the Onyx Network, and join our pool of available coaches for organizational and institutional clients. Each coaching account also provides an extensive library of pre-made content for both general and Onyx-related use.


Virtual Reality Coworking, Collaboration, Event, and Teaching Campus Environment

You will have full access to the Onyx University platform, including available reservations of the facilities for your classes, meetings, events, and more.

Join the Movement at Onyx Global

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Already an Onyx coach, client, or student? Download Onyx Black below.

Onyx Learner Academy starting Fall 2021

Unique Benefits for Your Learners

The problems of today require new approaches on a constant basis. It's time to embed lifelong learning & innovation into your coaching process.Expand your offerings without adding to your workload and create passive income through royalties & referrals.


Digital Accountability & Advisement

Connect with learners on your schedule while knowing they have easy access to their analytics anytime.


World-Class Courses

Provide masterfully crafted learning experiences designed for independent learning to supplement your offerings


Collaborative Learner Community

Connect your learners with a community of learners and network of digital tools to broaden their development opportunities.

Skills Training

Training in specific industry-relevant skills and certification credentials

Career Coaching

Guidance for all stages of the professional growth journey

Networking Events

Connect with Education, Wellness, and Technology innovators

Member Savings

Member-exclusive rates from Onyx & our technology partners

Research & Insights

Information and guidance for the knowledge-based economy

Digital Coworking

A VR campus environment for collaboration & connection

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Digital learning that works.

Join us to add Academic Engineering and Strategic Personal Development skills to your repertoire with Onyx.