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Welcome to the world's premier online university and our certification program in learning mastery & academic capability. Onyx Master Learners are confident approaching any learning domain for any academic, professional, or personal purpose. We combine timeless techniques with cutting-edge innovations and research to be at the forefront of 21st Century Education. Join The Onyx Education 3.0 Movement today by becoming an Onyx Master Learner.
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What will you learn?

  • You will learn the timeless personal development and learning skills that are currently missing in curriculums around the world.

  • You will learn how your personal, academic, and professional lives unite in your ability to learn from the world around you and access the information you need to solve life's problems.

  • You will learn how to utilize the world around you to thrive along life's journey and navigate the waters of the 21st Century.

  • You will learn precisely how to select which new skills to learn, structure your learning, and maximize your new talents as you build an academic, professional, and personal life of excellence and success.

Hear from Onyx Master Learners

“Onyx Learner Academy was the turning point of my learning journey. Since I took this course, I have become more well-organized and targeted in my learning. It not only enabled me to gain practical and efficient learning habits and methods that show significant results in a short time, but also motivated an guided me to start planning my lifelong personal learning system.”

Onyx Master Learner

Zoe, Class of 2023

“I wish Onyx Learner Academy existed when I was a student! It made me realize how digital learning can bring so much value to the education system not just in our country (Philippines), but the entire world! I still can't believe how affordable this is with all the knowledge you get to access. I highly recommend this to students, teachers, parents, to everyone!”

Onyx Master Learner

April, Digital Marketer

“From selecting what to learn, how to start learning, to customizing your curriculum, and synthesizing everything you have learned, this course taught me it all. I was able to refine my old study strategies and tactics with the help of Onyx Learner Academy and CK. I am now confidently teaching myself French during summer vacation.”

Onyx Master Learner

Kat, Class of 2023

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What is Education 3.0?

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